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Event Details

Remembering UNIROYAL - Voices from the Past

Film Screening at the State Theatre

Doors 1:30, Show 3:00

Tiptoe back through the tulips to mingle with Rubberheads and actors amidst artifacts from the tire plant. Then, on the State Theatre's big screen, enjoy "Voices from the Past", a film and tour of Eau Claire's 'Virtual Tire Museum'.

This film originally premiered in 2012, and explored what Uniroyal meant to our community. For over 30 years, former rubber workers from our closed tire plant have been gathering over coffee to share their stories and remember life as it was when they worked at Uniroyal. Sadly, we are losing them, and when they are gone, who will remember? To us who can still remember, Uniroyal was much more than a factory north of the Eau Claire River. It was a community who formed a Union, and labored together in solidarity to create good jobs, and forged the the middle class of Eau Claire.

Venue Information

State Theatre
316 Eau Claire Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Organizer Information

What Was Uniroyal

333 Gibson Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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