The Broom & Crow presents Spell Candle Making Workshop: Holiday Edition
with Laurie Lyne

Fri, Nov 16 from 5pm - 6pm

  • Class tickets include all the materials to make 1 candle
  • Each additional candle costs $5
  • Kid-Friendly event (best for kids 8+, must be supervised)
  • Spell Candle choices include: Blessings and Gifts, Easing Grief/Bringing Comfort, Harmony, Relaxation/Peace
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People have been burning candles as a part of spiritual practice for centuries. Candle magic works by raising and releasing energy, through visualization, and with focused intent. These skills work together to make successful magic. A spell is a call for change, an action toward a goal, or a positive affirmation or prayer. Doing spell work helps move energy from both inside and around you and focus it in the direction you need it to go.

This class is meant to be a beginners class into the spell candle practice. Laurie is a master candle maker; she will provide you with guidance, instruction, and materials to aid you in your candle making. In addition, you will be provided a packet crafted by the shop witch, Tabatha, which includes the candle spells, information about the magical properties of color, resin, herbs, spices, and oils, as well as an astrological chart to aid you in your magical quest. You are encouraged and challenged to bring your personal magic and intention to the table. 

This candle class is going to focus on the holiday season. We'll be making a spell called "Blessings and Gifts" that is meant to be given as a gift to bestow good tidings and well-wishes to a friend or loved one. Since this time of year can be hard for people experiencing the loss of a loved one, "Easing Grief/Bringing Comfort" would be great to make for yourself or give as a gift. Other spell candles you can make are "Harmony" or "Relaxation/Peace". 

Tickets are $10 and include the materials to make 1 candle; additional candles cost $5 each.

The Broom & Crow

106 E Grand Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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